Nectacare provides a wide range of diagnostic examinations, with a variety of imaging modalities. These examinations include plain radiography (X-rays) and ultrasounds.

X-rays – Nectacare provides basic radiographic and fluoroscopic examinations, including x-rays of all parts of the body and several more specialized examinations.

Ultrasound – Our ultrasound machines are operated by expertly trained radiographers and radiologists. An ultrasound machine produces very high frequency, inaudible sound waves which reflect off body tissues to create images of internal organs. The good thing is Ultrasound is safe as there is NO RADIATION in its functionality. Patients may be required to drink water before the scan because a full bladder is often useful to see pelvic organs and you may be asked to refrain from eating anything 6 hours before your ultrasound scan to reduce gas in the stomach and intestines.