More than 11,000 people die at home each year as a result of preventable injuries such as falls, fires, drownings and poisonings, according to The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). By addressing a few, key issues around your home and taking the proper, precautionary measures, you can prevent yourself and your loved ones from falling victim to household injuries.

Don’t overload sockets. Many older homes contain electrical systems, which aren’t properly equipped to handle the modern power demands.

[1] Don’t tempt fate by plugging too many devices into the same socket.

Never plug more than two appliances into an outlet at once. Using extension cords to plug multiple appliances into one outlet, is also strongly discouraged.

[2] Large appliances such as your refrigerator should have an outlet to themselves.
Contact a professional if you hear a sound coming from the outlet or smell something burning.
Cover unused sockets with a socket plug. This is particularly important if there are small children in the home.

Stop using appliances with frayed power cords. You may not realize it, but power cords have several layers. Visible damage at the outer layer of a power cable, whether that’s pinching, tearing or frays, is probably a good indication of damage to the inner layers as well. Do yourself a favor and stop using the appliance if this happens.

Keep knives out of reach. Whether they are in use or not, be sure all knives are kept out of reach and are properly secured. When you are using them, make sure they are not resting on something that can easily be pulled down. Get in the habit of placing knives on a flat, clutter free surface to ensure they won’t accidentally fall.

Monitor children around hot objects. Whether it’s a hot stovetop, a pot of boiling water or a bowl of soup, children should always be monitored around hot objects. One idea is to establish an off-limits area, which encompasses any hot appliances such as the stove, fireplace, barbecue, heaters, etc.

Store heavy items close to the ground. When organizing your kitchen, place heavy items such as pots, skillets and appliances in lower cabinets. You don’t want to risk having a heavy item fall on your head

Install safety locks where medicine/cleaners are kept. Have a designated spot for cleaning products, along with an additional spot for medicine. Keep the storage spaces locked, particularly if they are within reach of children.

Fence in your pool. Thousands of American families suffer from unnecessary swimming pool tragedies on a yearly basis. By fencing in your pool and using a self-latching gate, you will be helping to prevent needless accidents.

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